What is the CrossLife?

CrossLife Church focuses on what Christ defined as the true Christian life. We call it the CrossLife! Our focus is on four characteristics found in the New Testament; each lived out by example in the life of Christ and displayed on the Cross where Christ died. They are Love, Sacrifice, Selflessness and Service. These characteristics make up the CrossLife.


God is love. The Bible is a love letter from God to people. A Christ follower is to display love for God, love for others and love for God’s church. The true Christian experience is a love relationship between you and the Lord. God loves us and wants us to fall in love with him. Scriptures tell us without love we are nothing. The CrossLife is motivated and driven by love.


The true Christian life is a life of sacrifice (Romans 12:1). Being a Christian is not God sacrificing for us, although his Son, Jesus Christ, sacrificed His life for us, we are to be willing to sacrifice our life to live for God. It is a sacrifice of our time, talents and God-given gifts. True Christianity is not believers coming to church and saying what can God do or give me. It is about believers asking, “What can I do for God?” Salvation through forgiveness of sin was freely given to us by Christ. The CrossLife finds joy in sacrificing for the cause of Christ.


Every person is born with a selfish nature. Who do we think about the most in life, ourselves? Yet the scriptures tell us (Luke 14:25-33) to be a true disciple of Christ we are to die to self. We are not to focus so much on ourselves but seel to focus on the needs of others. This is the complete opposite of our culture! Sadly, many churches focus inward and not outward. The CrossLife values selflessness over selfishness.


Jesus said, I did not come to be served but to serve and give my life a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28). We believe the true Christian life involves serving. It involves giving and contributing to the cause of Christ. Every believer has been called of God to serve in some area of Christianity and the church. The Crosslife seeks to be a servant of Christ in the church and in the community.