What to Expect When You Visit CrossLife!


  1. A Warm and Welcoming atmosphere. The people of CrossLife are just regular “down to earth” folks.
  1. Not-Formal. Wear (modestly) what you want. We tell people to be themselves. Some people wear dress clothes and others come casual. The important thing is you come and feel at ease. 
  1. Not-Pushy, or bringing attention to your visit. I have visited many churches and the last thing people want is to be pointed-out or brought attention to as a visitor. We don’t ask our guests to do anything except be at ease and experience a great time of worship. The most that will happen is a hand shake and a smile. We offer a pressure free church service. Come at your own pace, most important, just come! 
  1.  What is our Music like? Contemporary, like you might listen to on a typical contemporary radio station, but done very tastefully with the focus on the Lord. We have not completely forget about the older traditional hymns that some of us grew up listening to. We try to sing one hymn every Sunday. 
  1. What is the Preaching like? We believe nothing is more important than the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Faith/Salvation only comes by hearing the Word of God. Our preaching is biblically conservative and presented in a way where people can learn the bible and can apply what they learn to their life. Every week you will leave church with nourishment for your soul and strength for life’s journey. How do we know God? By knowing the Word of God. Jesus is the Word and when the Word is first place then Jesus is first place. 
  1. What about Kids? Because we are a new church, small but growing, we presently offer Children’s Nursery during the service for New-Born’s thru 3 years old. We offer an elementary class for K-4 thru 2nd grade, and we offer an elementary class for 3rd thru 6th grade during the morning worship service. 
  1. What about Teens? Cross Fusion Teens, Wednesday nights 6:30-8:30 is our youth service for 7th through 12th grade. Biblical lesson, games, music and sometimes food.